History of Crimson Candle

Crimson Candle is a Wholesale Supply Company for Candle Making Supplies and Soap Making Supplies

We are dedicated to assisting you in making the highest of quality candles. The Crimson Candle was built by creators like you for creators like you worldwide. Crimson Candle’s growth has been made possible by providing quality products at competitive prices.

Crimson Candle aims to provide your favorite candle making products at a wholesale price, while sharing some passion and development ideas from our employees and customers along the way.

Crimson Candle provides an extensive line of wholesale products to candle creators/ producers of all sizes, from business to personal. Maybe you’re growing from a personal hobby to starting your own Etsy business? We can help.
Crimson Candle is the source for all of your candle making needs. We offer product assortment ranging from Waxes, Wicks, Molds, Containers, Dyes, Scents, and all the equipment you will need.

All products can be found on our website as well as following our Social Media platforms, Candles made with Crimson Candle supplies can be found at many shops and retailers in Tampa Bay Area.

Please contact us for more information about Crimson Candle, our products, and our services.

(727) 807-6022